Saris: Traditional Wear of India

The sari is a traditional dress and it is not merely a piece of cloth wrapped around the women's body. Saris are a perfect depiction of stitching and artistry. It is a woven cloth consisting of two main pieces of cloth. First is the blouse that can be of any type and second is a long and broad piece of cloth that is long up to the feet. It is wrapped around body and the skirt is extends to the floor and is put around the shoulders and on the blouse to depict the corners of the cloth on the chest and around the collar bone. The length and the width of the cloth vary from type to type and style to style.

Saris are of many different types and fabrics. Depending upon the material used it varies from a very broad range where as depending upon the style in which it is worn it comes in more than 20 main styles that are commonly famous and popularly worn by the women of all ages and all over the world. However a sari can also be grouped depending upon the embroidery it has like the beads or the thread work or something different and unique like the stone work and mirror work etc. All is available in the market nowadays by the very keen designers who are developing the new modern day wears.

It is also becoming popular for the purpose of bridal dresses and many designers have turned their concentration to this end to create many sparkling and fabulous bridal dresses in this style. Woman have replaced the traditional style of wearing lehengas on their wedding day. Modern sarees bring a unique style which an ever increasing number of brides are starting to wear during their wedding ceremonies.

Besides the purpose of wearing a sari during formal events, there are varieties worn for strictly for a casual purpose. This outfit is also liked by women of all ages and it is worn in a casual way in rural areas of India as the normal wear. It has been introduces into market for the purpose of casual wear in many various styles and the fabric used for the casual wear is very soft and smooth making it most suitable to wear.

In this age of modern technology, today's designers have created dresses which have been modified in very beautiful ways and the old and tedious look has been left behind for a more broad appeal. Nowadays it has been created and adorned by the modern ways and technology that has also made it costly but there are some hard working and concerned designers that are trying their best to get the cost of the adorned and beautiful saris back into the range of the mediocre.

The sari is also becoming popular equally in both elite and aristocratic classes as well as in the middle class. It has removed the stamp as the dress of the old peasants and workers and it's in today's fashion trend and style. It is the usual wear for functions and party wear. New styles and looks of saris have also made it the most popular outfit for both formal functions and casual wear.