A 'Miraclesuit' for the Beach

Finding the right swimsuit can be a stressful experience for plus sized women. Either the swimwear makes them look unshapely or comes in limited designs. But Miraclesuit has been a boon for women who find the sand sinking down on their hourglass figures. Here are some of the features of a miracle suit:

- The product is made from a patented spandex material called Miratex. Manufacturers claim that this material can make you look 10 lbs lighter as it has three times the amount of lycra used in normal swimsuits.

- Miraclesuit swimwear is also known for the excellent bra support provided in the design. Bra support is provided through underwires through a built in foam bra.

- The designs are carefully crafted to compliment the body type. In fact, these designs draw your attention away from unflattering areas. You can either choose from European inspired prints, animal skins, and other classic designs.

- They also sell pareos, scarves, and shirts that match the swimsuit.

- The best thing about miraclesuit is that they are available in a wide range of choices. While some women may need designs that slenderize the hips, others may need designs that decrease the bust. Cup sizes also vary according to the size chosen. It is important that you choose the right style that fits the body type.

- Because the fabric is made from a special material, it stays in place and doesn't ride up. This special technology uses the patented Wonderful Edge silicone that is placed on the waist top and leg openings to prevent the swimsuit from riding up. Thus women feel immensely comfortable, yet stylish when they wear Miraclesuit.

- In order to choose the right Miraclesuit, make sure that you understand your body type and choose one accordingly. For instance, women with a heavier bust can choose from plus sized swimsuits with C, D, E, and F cup sizes. They also sell the D cup or larger size. Each of these swimsuits comes with an inner layer that is designed to make you look slimmer. Women with heavy thighs can go for dress styled swimsuits. For women with muffin tops, a control miraclesuit is the best choice.

- There are many online stores that sell Miraclesuits at affordable rates. If you are buying during a sale, make sure that you buy from a store that is well stocked and offers a wide range of choice.

- They're designed for women of all ages and sizes.