Knowing The Silhouette and Fabric Of Your Dress

Girls can never have enough dresses to wear. Shopping is their sole right and they diverge in it with utmost pleasure. Besides there are so many options regarding special occasion dresses, wedding dresses, also new style of dresses known as bandage dresses that it is easy for a person to get confused.

In order to avoid such a situation I did some research and found out a list of things on silhouette and fabric of the dress that might help a girl buy the best wedding party dress.

So here is a detail about the silhouette which is the outline of the dress. When you know the options and what suits u best it is easy for you to decide on your wedding dress.

· A-Line is an easy style for almost any figure. It has a flared skirt and less defined waistline.

· Ball Gown is the ultimate fairy tale dress, with a tightly fitted bodice, full skirt and defined waistline.

· Empire is great for a slim line. The waistline starts just under the bust, and the skirt is close fitted.

· Mermaid is a form-fitting gown with a fishtail hem; looks great in slinky material.

· Sheath is the most contemporary style. The close-fitting shape hugs your curves and ends with a slight flare.

There are many factors that determine your choice of fabric: dress style, season, body type, and the formality of your wedding.

· Brocade is a type of fabric that can be very heavy, it is a good option for a winter wedding dress or a fall wedding dress.

· Chiffon is the most delicate and sheer fabric. It can be made from silk or rayon and due to its transparency it is often layered.

· Damask is a lighter weighing version of brocade.

· Illusion is a fine net fabric; used on sleeves or necklines.

· Lace is a delicate net with fine embroidery of flowers, foliage or geometric patterns. The finest lace is handmade. Some dresses are made entirely of lace; and lace is frequently used to trim veils.

· Linen is perfect for a summer wedding at the seaside. Light and breathable, but wrinkles very easily.

· Organza is a stiff, sheer fabric. Can be very sculptural, almost Asian-inspired.

· Satin is one of the most classic and popular bridal fabrics.

· Silk is one of the most luxurious fabrics, but can be very pricey.

· Shantung is a rough-textured, lustrous fabric that resembles raw silk. Gaining in popularity, especially for bridesmaids dresses.

· Taffeta is crisp and smooth with a visible weave. Fine taffeta can be very elegant, but beware lower quality, which can look cheap.

· Tulle is a net-like material used in veils and underskirts, gorgeous in a ballerina-style dress.