I Will Wear Those New Clothes Soon - Yeah Sure!

I wore a new skirt and top to two networking events recently. They had been hanging in my wardrobe for two months before I finally got the courage to wear them. Why, I asked myself, do we women do that?' We buy clothes and then let them sit there neglected, sometimes for years.

I am sure I am not alone in this. Have you ever bought something new - clothes, shoes, handbag or jewellery - and three months later you still have not worn it?

Here are three insights and dressing tips for business and professional women over 40 to help you finally wear those unloved clothes and accessories in your wardrobe.

The Cold Feet Syndrome

With my new outfit it was the skirt I was worried about. I bought this pair of long, wide-legged culottes with a split skirt over it. I love it but I thought it was a bit too dramatic and might turn people off. Silly, is it not - the fear of being judged as weird. It never happened. If it did, what does it matter. I was being true to my personality and wearing something a little dramatic and playful. So why did I fear looking stupid? We all do it. You buy something that brings a smile to your face and then you get cold feet about wearing it.

Solution:After you bring it home, decide to wear it as soon as possible. Face the Cold Feet Syndrome and prepare your answer for your imagined critics. Be true to yourself.

Almost Perfect

Then there are the clothes you buy that need altering in some way to fit better. I will fix it soon - you say to yourself. Maybe there is a family heirloom ring that does not fit and has been in your jewellery box for ages. Yes, I finally took that one in for alteration last week. Are you hesitating because of the time or the money? I have no time this week. I cannot afford it. It gets put off and put off and put off, even if you have no idea of the cost.

Solution:Make the decision to get it altered now. Do it yourself or find out the cost from a professional. Then pay them to do it. You must love your clothes and accessories 100% or you will not wear them. Enjoy the money you have already spent and honour your heritage.

Bought It Under the Influence

No, not alcohol! You bought it because someone cajoled, nagged, harassed, bullied or hit your emotional hot button to get you to buy it. Maybe an overpowering saleswoman, party planner or friend pushed you into buying it when you were hesitating or not wanting it at all.

Solution:It is time to learn to stand up for yourself, what you like and what you want. Maybe you need a Colour or Style Session to help you know what is right for you.

So whether you bought under the influence, have cold feet or you feel dowdy in imperfect clothes, get into action. Wear it this week, get it altered or contact an Image Consultant to organise your Colour, Style or Personality Session.