Doing Things a Little Differently, Try a Daring Splash of Colour With Your Shoelaces

Have you ever wondered why most shoelaces are plain old black or brown? Do you even notice your laces? Do you simply replace them with exactly the same type, colour and style when they break or fray?

Attention to detail, even the smallest details, can make all the difference to your overall look. Sometimes just a dash of colour can be all you need to bring that special touch of class, individuality and personality to an outfit.

A well-cut shirt in crisp plain white cotton can be set off with a well chosen pair of cufflinks, the right watch or coloured stitching to highlight details on cuffs, collars, pockets or buttons for example. In exactly the same way the right pair of coloured shoelaces can really set off a pair of dress or formal shoes, making something classic and unremarkable into something really different, original and special.

What do you know about shoelace styles? Waxed? Round? Thin? Wide? Flat? Cord? Which style do you choose to put on what kind of shoes? For example, round shoelaces are made of braided waxed cotton and are slightly shiny. They are quite hardwearing and can be worn on both leather and suede dress or casual shoes. Cord laces are also made from braided cotton. They are perfect for all kinds of hiking and walking shoes, particularly those designed by brands like Timberland, Caterpillar, Dr. Martens, Kickers and Geox. Extra wide flat laces (often referred to as fat laces or fatties) are perfect for skate shoes. They have a very urban look and the brighter the better. As for thin round cotton shoelaces, well these are very versatile and can be worn with all types of dress, formal and casual shoes. Longer pairs (between 150 cm and 180 cm) can be used to lace boots.

The most important thing is not to be afraid to experiment with colour associations that are out of the ordinary. Orange shoelaces on blue suede work wonderfully. Bordeaux or wine shoelaces on brown leather. Purple on slate grey. Red on white. Play about with how different colours look on polished leather, suede or canvas. Remember that a little touch of colour is enough. The rest of your outfit can remain relatively sober or understated. You can use accessories such as a belt, a watch, a tie or a handkerchief to recall the colour you have chosen for the shoelaces and create an overall harmony and unity.