5 Essential Scarves For The Stylish Wardrobe

Scarves might once have been all about keeping warm in winter, but now they are an essential accessory all year round for the style-conscious. A beautiful scarf can bring new life to a classic neutral outfit, it can ring the changes when you are travelling light with just a few staples in your bag, and it can of course keep you snugly warm in winter. One scarf is never going to be enough for one person however and because they are a relatively inexpensive accessory it makes sense to have a varied selection to choose from. Here are five essentials that we suggest, but there is no need to stick to just five!

1. Cashmere
A soft and sensuous cashmere scarf is a top winter essential, that not only keeps you warm but looks stylish and beautiful too. Look out for Artemis Wragge's gorgeous cashmere scarves in an array of rich colours and as soft and lightweight as thistledown.

2. Silk
Every girl should have at least one silk scarf at hand, better still several. Fling a light floaty wisp of silk around your neck in an accent colour on casual summer weekends, or fold and tie it more formally for the boardroom.

3. Leopard print
A leopard print scarf is a great way of wearing this season's hottest print. You can get the look without going for overkill and bring cutting edge style to an otherwise classic outfit. There are plenty of stunning ones about but check out Lily and Lionel's gorgeous range in light wool or modal for starters.

4. Floral
Floral prints are another oh so pretty summer trend - even if you're not naturally a flowery person a delicate floral scarf can catch the mood without you looking like a hothouse flower yourself.

5. Wide
A wide and generous scarf in bold colourful prints and a light cotton weave is essential for any summer holiday. Use it as a beach wrap, an impromptu dress or sarong, wrap up in it on cool summer night walks along the beach - so versatile you can't do without it.

When choosing a scarf, remember that the feel of it against the sensitive skin of your neck is just as important as the look for the feel-good factor, so go for sensuously soft fabrics, such as cashmere and silk. There are also some great silk blends and wonderfully soft new synthetic fabrics such as modal to consider. Happy scarf shopping!